THE KEYS OF THE Importing.



Importing Whether has one product novelty , you offer one handsome price and large quality. ¿qué adjournments? Decayed creature dispenser of large-sized stores and until government. Louisiana Elizondo González recognize which convert at vendor of Wal - Tuesday of Mexico detonó the increase of your company.. As of the Pro - Organic has guaranteed her shopping of one part significant of your yield. Today , is the supplier further significant of products organic of the store in the north of the country. Her strategy : fulfill at the base her letter the estándares of quality which she demands her customer , zoom her qualification of yield and reduce the weather of handover. Whether your objective , as the of Louisiana , is convert on a large vendor , debits lore which they exist opportunities of business transaction both in her initiative proprietary in line with the governorship. Sizeable which , in the occurrence of the chain of supermarket Wal - Tuesday , the vendor of firms small and stocking rep the 40% of the further of 12,000 which has on the Republic Mexican. The opportunities you're overt in order to everyone the products : as of foods not salted , overtaking around eaten canner and goodies , until articles of neatness. The characteristics arterial you're " quality , variety and price , which she allows offer to ours customers the larger worth ", she says Eduardo Solórzano Blackberry , chairman and director across-the-board of Wal - Tuesday of Mexico. " you're not requisite creature sizeable in order to sell to Wal - Tuesday ", insurable. " just you ned own one product innovador to price competitive and which I satisfy the needs each time further sophisticated of ours customers ". With signet of Excellency Her principal preoccupation of one company. ought creature her heedfulness which da to his customers. She remembers which funciona exactly alike when you are vendor of large-sized firms which government. In order to John Carlos Goatherd , titular of the Hub of Desarrollo Corporate of Nafin , " the vendor successful is anybody who do you understand to her customer and him helping to fulfill with his intentions commercial ". Her question is : ¿cómo creature the best? Him prime which you ned is identify the needs which your customer she wants overlay in her market. Basically , she discovers which you're his goals to short , midnight and long installment. Once which order creature vendor , she prepares one plan integral of heedfulness to your shopper , with shares of pre and after sales. She offers strategy fetching of handover , servicing and price. Eso it will be of large helping in the design of layouts of comercialización of tus products and in order to improve her rotation of the ware. Lock, stock and barrel this , last of all , itself she'll translate at higher sales in order to ti. Quest one relationchip which it may be " win - win " and she remembers which whether the customer is satisfied with her approval of the products or toilets which him you offer , sure she'll search revamp the indenture. Is learning to negotiate One of the flaws further common of the vendor is impel the negotiations in order to she understands her product. Her recommendation is which not I fall in this suite , which just yourself she'll take to not shut not any concord. In line with all negotiation , it is important that manageable at the perfection him subsequent : at the age of ) proceeds of your product. b ) Your qualification of yield. c ) Her narrative of your company , which can you tote on a presentation digital or in writing. " the interviews with Wal - Tuesday they last sundry months ", she explains Louisiana Elizondo , founding of Pro - Organic. In her know-how , during this journalism her company. she wants lore how many produces , whether has one certification , the numeral of employed and the venue where is your business transaction , in-between other data. At estas conversation , for instance , it can solicit modificaciones at the product. In most cases , de facto , it is all about trades in the she parcels or on the presentation. " a lot of vendor has introductions of one kilogram , but in order to her store is larger sell at she parcels of 500 gramme or minus , as a result itself she counsels the adjustement ", she explains John Carlos Goatherd , of Nafin. Other requirement clave has to view with the dated of handover of the ware. To do it late or without fulfill the sums join in a pact I'll place earnestly in jeopardy your indenture. She plays at suspenders higher Whether your decision is convert at vendor government , which is the customer largest of Mexico , you are that's right in time in order to know about the qualifications. Her Secretary of Thrift is finishing of introduce her software yearly of acquisitions , which can you consult at : Now further which at other years , has higher possibility of convert on a vendor. ¿La reason? By law , the 35% of the purchases government federal they owe implement to small and stocking firms , him which representa millones. In order to creature one handsome dispenser , is primordial which I know her Law of Acquisitions Leases and Toilets of the Sect Public , her cual estipula the flat and steps to keep on for this nimbleness. They exist three shapes in the which itself adquieren the toilets or products : award nonstop , prompt to when minus three firms and licitación communal. John Carlos Goatherd she explains which " the governorship elige to his vendor when him presentable one tender technique , licit and inexpensively creditworthy ". As vendor , yourself compromise to hand over the property on a she parcels primal which contenga on a venue observable her identity of the all right , marking her clave of the supply , the numeral of licitación and indenture. It is important that I offer one journalism of guaranty of the product , which itself estipula at 36 months as of her handover. Sizeable which the transportation and gambits flushing in the storeroom you'll be on account and risk tuyo. Rather than by him forgotten : sell at the governorship she implies fulfill with the mismas standards of quality which piden the chains as Wal - Tuesday. Entrénate for free in order to sell at the governorship Everyone the Tuesday , on the Tower 3 of National Financial , as of the three in the evening , can you be present at the tenor so-called " pardon sell at the governorship ". In order to help not requieres booking nor money. Esta steerage electronic esta protege against spambots. Is necessary actuate Javascript in order to preview ¿Te failing financing? One of the topic further iron-fisted in order to one enterprising or company. at increase is offer financing to his customers , on this account during the time that holdup at welcome her settlement he will have which finance her business transaction with finances fitting. Now all right , it is important that I offer conditions fitting in order to your customer acquired your product. In order to to do it , she analyzes frigidly and reassurance your qualification of financing , " in order to she confers conditions fetching into one frame of profitability in order to ti and you customer ", highlighted John Carlos Goatherd. Whether you don't tell with her qualification financial in order to charge at journalism of 30 to 90 days , as regularly heathen the stores of self-service to his vendor , can you go in at the Software of Factor of National Financial Nafin ). ¿Cómo funciona? Highly unostentatious : stocking this software can you relent the duty of collection of the promissory which yourself da your customer to Nafin and they pay the money which itself yourself she owes. In order to go in at the software of factor debits query to your customer whether is list in him. Of not creature like this pídele which him haga.